At Chameleon Designs we offer a range of options for T-Shirt printing in Sussex to give you the best & most cost effective solution.

The Chameleon Designs team has over 25 years’ experience in the industry, this gives us valuable knowledge about what method will work best for your logo or design ensuring you get the finish you are looking for on your garments whilst helping us to save you time & money. We have 3 methods we use for T-Shirt and garment printing but to ensure we get the right print for you we have a few questions to help guide us:

> How many items/ garments will you have printed?
> How many colours make up your design or logo?
> What will the finished garments be used for?

CAD Vinyl Printing

This method is used mostly for single colour logos or text on a T-shirt, jumper or polo perfect for small runs such as sports kits or Hi-Viz vests. We take your design, text or logo turn it into a digital cutline which is the cut out on a machine and then we heat press it with pressure onto the garment to seal the design. At Chameleon Designs we have a wide range of colours including speciality vinyl such as Glitter, Reflective, Fluro, Patterned & Flock vinyl available; Not sure what you want or have a specific idea in mind? Give us a call to talk through your requirements on 01273 814300.

Digital Vinyl Printing

Digi printing is used for any logo or design that uses more than one or two colours, this method can be used for one offs or long runs without a problem. It prints your logo or design directly onto a white vinyl before cutting it out where we will heat press it onto the garment. The advantage with this method is that we can use multiple colours meaning you can have fantastic detail or even a photo on your garment.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is used for high volume runs of clothing of starting at 25-50 garments, we use this method for long runs of workwear, leavers hoodies, for promotional materials such as bags or for customers’ own designs for their retail brand. This method uses an ink which is applied through a stencil (screen) to print your design directly onto the garment, this is a quick cost effective process when doing large volumes of items. We can create multiple screens for logos with more than one colour creating the crisp sharp logo which screen printing is known for alongside its longevity.  


To find out what method will be best for your design give us a call in the office on 01273 814300 or drop us an email with your design requirements to